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Alembic    [THAC0AC2]

Thac0 Records
A1Xanopticon Symptom (DJ Hidden Remix)
A2Xanopticon Stormtower (Abelcain Eye Of Jupiter Remix)
B1Xanopticon Tinw (Duran Duran Duran Remix)
B2Xanopticon 4 Hit Points (Atomhead Secret Level Remix)

12'' This record was added on 2007-09-24 at 14:24:27

One of the few electronic musicians who truly defy comparison, Pittsburgh's Xanopticon has been steadily and thoroughly annihilating dancefloors since around 2000AD. This fiendish bastard doesn't hesitate to carve new and horrifying neurological pathways into his victim's brains with razor-thin sonic shards of unknown alien origin. Will you dance? Or will you peel your obsolete flesh from your fragile, useless body? Reactions are as confounding and troubling as the catalyst.

So, dear reader - who would dare toy with such madness? Madmen, of course. On Alembic (matrix number THACOAC2), 4 of the most talented electronic musicians from across this filthy planet each take a stab at righting the wrong that is a Xanopticon track.

Enter first the brave DJ Hidden from the nether lands. He has unearthed Xanopticon's monstrosity "Symptom" and dragged it back to his northern lair to torture and mutilate. What he has produced simply should not be: a violent, haunting slice of drum n bass with basslines that will collapse your lungs as you gasp for one last breath.

Abelcain is no stranger to the macabre. He has combined the meatiest morsels from "Stormtower" with grim, unearthly components in his foul cauldron. The resulting concoction is both wondrous and disturbing, crawling further under your skin with each listen.

Next, coming up to bat is heavyhitter Duran Duran Duran with what could be the dance hit of the year. Spine-shattering beats light up the night sky with the tattered remains of "Tinw" in a marriage that will invariably end in a bitter divorce.

Atomhead has more aliases than a cold-war era Soviet spy. You may know him as Undacova. Or Erratic. Or 1/2 of Duncan Avoid. Or 1/Nth of xE Phalanx. Or that guy who plucked the last shred of sanity from your fevered grasp with his punishing, throbbing distortion of Xanopticon's "4 Hit Points".

This tender slice of 12" perversion is on red vinyl and wrapped in a full-color jacket illustrated by the diabolical Keith Thompson. (Thac0)

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