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Structure    [sprengstoff 14]
Sprengstoff Records
A1Innasekt Structure
B1Innasekt Core

12'' This record was added on 2007-08-03 at 11:30:42

Innasekt create their own unique definition of dubstep orientated beats. The two tracks on their debut 12inch on Sprengstoff Recordings show that they favour complex arrangements with dense atmospheres. Innasekt manage to produce hybrid structures combinding conflicting elements: the heat of heavy subbasses and the icy coldness of dusky rooms. This record explores the dark side of the dub reaching unknown dimensions.

Side A 'Structure' has a melancholic mood. A dubby bass meets forward pushing beats with advanced drum edits. An mournful synthesizer pad with an extended feedback takes the listener to a room for contemplation. Finally an lfo driven, wobbling sound and wooden percussions with long reverbs complete the arrangement. Beautiful.

The second side with the track 'Core' gets darker and ruffer. The main synthesizer line sends out a morse code signal. This is the last sign of human life in the city of the dead. Metallic samples like desperate screams resound through endless hallways. The fast and constantly changing bassline creates a nervous vibe that intensifies the feeling of being trapped in a zone of sorrow and pain with no hope to get out ever again. This is pure darkness for the dancefloor.

Can this record be filed under 'Dubstep'? If Dubstep still means the attempt to experiment with new rhythms and push the sound constantly forward, then we suppose: yes.

Some words on the artists. Innasekt are 2 fresh producers from Cambridge/ U.K.: Sneer and Sully. They already have a split e.p. out with Tes la rok on the swedish label Red Volume. More tracks are going to be released on Rottun Records from Canada. Innasekt are also part of the Harmitage Shanks sound system. (Sprengstoff)

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