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Cheesemonsters Are Go!    [STI024]

Cheesemonsters Are Go!
Suburban Trash Industries
A1Society Suckers Zettai Remix
A2Society Suckers The Beaver Song
A3Society Suckers Live In Dublin
B1Society Suckers Diamonds
B2Society Suckers The End

12'' This record was added on 2007-06-11 at 19:41:06

The Suckers are back... their first solo EP since 2 years!!

„Full on cheese hysteria“ or „I can‘t dance to the cheese you are playing“ and you’ll get an idea about whats going to happen within the next 20 minutes ... heavy sampling thru as many music genres, movies, a whole bunch of records, cd’s and all that, precisely chopped and well arranged into something that easily could be called ‘cheesecore‘ as its almost over the top. Yet the frenzy duo called Society Suckers manages to go the middleway so you will start to think this is serious music after a little while ... and just when you thought rave was dead, they‘re gonna proof its not. Put on your dancing shoes and go berserk! (Suburban Trash)

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