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Human Interface    [ATR-001]

Human Interface
A1Dokaka Introduction[Ketsu Gyunyu] 
A2Dokaka Ha Ta Gli La To  
A3Dokaka Future 
A4Dokaka Yours Is Mine  
A5Dokaka Childhood Jingle 1  
A6Dokaka Vostok 
A7Dokaka Gentei  
A8Dokaka Hoshino X Tashiro  
A9Dokaka Childhood Jingle 2  
A10Dokaka Dance Dance Dance  
A11Dokaka 10 Mins  
A12Dokaka Mancity 
A13Dokaka Dobu 
A14Dokaka Pico Pico  
A15Dokaka Mega Jingle  
A16Dokaka Prgonchiki 
A17Dokaka Machigauna Jingle  
A18Dokaka Prgonigokko  
A19Dokaka Sowa Sowa Jingle  
A20Dokaka Hi Score  
A21Dokaka Hop Step Jump  
A22Dokaka [INN] Yadoya [Welcome!]  
A23Dokaka Various Songs Ever Jingle  
A24Dokaka Neu Wave  
A25Dokaka Question 1  
A26Dokaka S.A.T.O.  
A27Dokaka Dekitah  
A28Dokaka Where You Are  
A29Dokaka Your Docs Jingle  
A30Dokaka Shadowii  
A31Dokaka Tom 
A32Dokaka Deutsch (Sausage)  
A33Dokaka He Has Trapped Jingle  
A34Dokaka Himalayas 
A35Dokaka Childhood Jingle 3  
A36Dokaka Sala 
A37Dokaka Dkk Speaking Jingle  
A38Dokaka Lrlr  
A39Dokaka 30 Mins  
A40Dokaka Verb 
A41Dokaka Coffee Break  
A42Dokaka Ahaha (Lol)  
A43Dokaka Yamada 
A44Dokaka Half Time Declaration  
A45Dokaka Santimo 
A46Dokaka Special Time 4 U  
A47Dokaka Dreaming 
A48Dokaka Mother Nation  
A49Dokaka Out Of Code Jingle  
A50Dokaka Densha 
A51Dokaka Onaka Ippai Jingle  
A52Dokaka 40 Mins? [Unsure Jingle]  
A53Dokaka I Don't Konw  
A54Dokaka Question 2  
A55Dokaka FY08 Jingle  
A56Dokaka 3% For Nothing  
A57Dokaka Sabaku 
A58Dokaka Kaitoku Jingle  
A59Dokaka I Was Neet  
A60Dokaka Grats  
A61Dokaka Lost In Galaxy  
A62Dokaka Stars Striking  
A63Dokaka Hayabiki 
A64Dokaka Childhood Jingle 4  
A65Dokaka Tekoko 
A66Dokaka Daijobu 
A67Dokaka Beyond The Universe  
A68Dokaka Answer Now!  
A69Dokaka Obachan Jingle  
A70Dokaka Oil Selling  
A71Dokaka Populay Jingle  
A72Dokaka Bela 
A73Dokaka 50 Mins 
A74Dokaka Neko Shiritori  
A75Dokaka 0011 
A76Dokaka Minato Zake  
A77Dokaka Childhood Jingle 5  
A78Dokaka Obara 
A79Dokaka Sekibun 
A80Dokaka Namae 
A81Dokaka Enc Jingle  
A82Dokaka Popopo Is Coming  
A83Dokaka An Athletic In USSR  
A84Dokaka Hurry Jingle  
A85Dokaka Kanda 
A86Dokaka Sotokashiko  
A87Dokaka Rest In Peace  
A88Dokaka Outro 

CD This record was added on 2011-09-28 at 22:22:37

Dokaka, is a one manned voice, no effect, no auto-tune, no edit, no sampling, DIY human synthesizer. Most will remember him as the Japanese beatboxer whose vocal only reinterpretations of Led Zeppelin, Slayer, the Rolling Stones, and many others gained cult status when his mp3's went viral. The sensation was enough to attract the attention of Björk who incorporated his unusual skill into her 2004 Medúlla album. Now in 2009 Dokaka has recorded his first album of original material 'HUMAN INTERFACE' which is now available for the first time outside of Japan. The album includes 17 hours of vocal insanity multi-tracked into 88 muttered micro tracks. (Dual Plover)

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