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Legacy : 1995-2005    [DRD003]
Dirty Dancing
A1Acidwolf Valley Shuffle
A2Acidwolf Withered Sum
A3Acidwolf Montrose Rainbow
B1Acidwolf Scissor Gate Asid
B2Acidwolf Red Asid 12 (Millenium DSP Mix)
B3Acidwolf Acid Church
B4Acidwolf S. Kedzie Theme

12'' This record was added on 2007-01-30 at 19:24:24

Latest in the very short history of the holy Dirty Dancing label.
But who is the Acidwolf?
Who is hiding behind this monstrous animal?
Or is it of human nature?
Well its alright that we tell you right now. Mister Benn Jordan (better known to some of you as The Flashbulb) teams up with Dirty Dancing this time and delivers a breathtaking acid release. Wohaa! Benn simply remastered and edited those tracks and here he is with his so called legacy! And believe us this is only the beginning ... The opening track is from his harder archives, corrosive evil acid shit! ‘Valley Shuffle‘ will shake dancefloors if you drop this crunchy tune. Not much time for emotions ... Next up is some very nice and melodic acid-lectro. A new genre is created ... its not new its just very cool! ‘Montrose Rainbow‘ the third one on Side-A takes you a step further to the clouds ... wonderful bleeping acid with a catchy hook. But let’s have some more dancefloor action. ‘Scissor Gate Asid‘ (what a title) sounds like Benn is hallucinating. The recipe for his hallucination is very simple: some echo, well filtered acid plus a lot of strange sounds crawling out from the very depths of your speakers ... And then we have ‘Red Asid 12‘. And it wouldnt be perfect if this wasnt nothing but the Millenium DSP Mix! And this truly means you can hear Benn‘s entire VST Plug-In folder laying over this fast going forward acidbomb! Pffff ... another 2 tracks till the end. ‘Acid Church‘ comes without warning and is praying the acid. No moment to breathe here. Its intense but its short and once its over you want it again. We do ‘S.Kedzie Theme‘ first. We all had a great time and this magic tune could go forever. A track you can easily use for many different dj sets (and we dont mean hardcore or breakcore). Top shit! And then you moan because its over ... time to flip and start all over again!

And if you think about what happened to you in the last 20 minutes or so, it seems like everyone started with acid (very good acid! we must admit) in the past and its just a fucking good time to release such material now.

Comes with full jacket artwork.

Ltd. 500 copies worldwide! (Dirty Dancing)

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