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69db "Bass Race"    [DT 11]

69db "Bass Race"
Dub Technic
€8,89  €2,95
A169db Bass Race
B169db Vibradub

12'' This record was added on 2009-11-18 at 16:57:00

In 1995 69db noticed that by slowing down the beats he was using for his liveset and applying dub attitude a whole new world of music opened up to him.

The first real project found its place on Paris based label Expressillon where in 1999 the album ‘69db in dub technic’ - a voyage into improvised jams fusing dub, techno and breakbeat - was completed, followed by ‘Dragoon dub’ in 2002. However, out in the free parties of Europe this music was relegated to afternoon jams as the partygoers chilled in the sun.

With the arrival of Dubstep the world’s vision of electronic dub has finally changed and so 69db's dubtechnic has found its home…

Escape into the rhythm of your mind and bring the beat to life ! (Expressillon)

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